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Welcome to
"Pork INU Token"

Pork INU Token is a community-focused meme token built on the Binance Smart Chain network, aiming to bring laughter and engagement to the crypto space. With a playful pig-themed mascot, Pork Inu sets out to create a vibrant and entertaining community.


Piggy Playhouse NFTs

Introducing unique, limited-edition NFTs called Piggy Playhouse, allowing holders to showcase their exclusive digital porky collectibles and participate in community events.

SnoutSwap Decentralized Exchange

Pork Inu holders can utilize the SnoutSwap DEX, which encourages community-driven trading and liquidity provision with reduced fees for Pork Inu pairs.

Social Staking Platform

A novel staking platform named Social, where users can stake Pork Inu and earn exclusive rewards, including rare NFTs, additional tokens, and special community privileges.


PHASE - 1 (Q1 2024)

Idea, Website creation, Creating PorkINU NFTs, Creating Contract, Whitepaper Preparation, MarketingProject Launch, Token Distribution, and Initial Exchange Listings.

New Office, CA

PHASE - 2 (Q2 2024)

Pinksale Whitelist Presale, Pancakeswap Launch, Ave and Dexview #1 Trend, Dextools and Dexscreener TOP 10, Moontok-CNToken-BSC Trends, Coinmarketcap Fasttrack, CoinGecko Fasttrack, 1500 Holders Platform Optimization, Community Governance Implementation, and Marketing Initiatives.

New Office, CA

PHASE - 3 (Q3 2024)

NFT Marketplace Launch, Youtube Marketing, Tiktok Marketing, X Marketing, CEX Listing, 5000 Holders, Introduction of New Features, Partnerships, and Increased Adoption.

New Office, CA

PHASE - 4 (Q4 2024)

Tier 1 CEX Listing, Airdrop for Community, Aggressive Marketing, 10.000 HoldersGlobal Expansion, Cross-Chain Compatibility, and Continued Innovation.

New Office, CA

Additional Features

These additional features not only set Pork Inu apart but also reinforce its commitment to community, innovation, and charitable contributions, creating a dynamic ecosystem that goes beyond the typical meme token experience.

Piggy Pools Lottery System

Pork Inu introduces Piggy Pools, a unique lottery system where users can stake their tokens for a chance to win exclusive prizes, including rare NFTs, additional tokens, and even a special edition Pork Inu physical merchandise.

Porkfolio Analytics Dashboard

The Porkfolio dashboard offers comprehensive analytics and insights for holders, providing real-time data on token distribution, community growth, and market trends. This transparency fosters trust and a deeper connection between the project and its community.

PiggyBack Charity InitiativeS

PiggyBack is the charitable arm of Pork Inu, where a percentage of transaction fees is automatically allocated to support various community-nominated charities. Community members actively participate in selecting the charities, fostering a sense of social responsibility.

Pork Inu Metaverse Integration

Looking beyond traditional platforms, Pork Inu explores metaverse integration, creating virtual spaces where community members can interact with their Pork Inu NFTs, attend virtual events, and experience the project in an immersive environment.